STEADICAM - Robert R Fiske



Robert Fiske -- Steadicam Demo  



Footage from commercial Steadicams and Original rigs built and operated by Robert Fiske.

This tool works to create uniquely fluid and steady shots without Dollies or Cranes.

Highly Flexible equipment, and still just barely explored as a filmmaking tool.


High and Low Mounts

Vehicle Mount

Please call and ask me about modifications for unusual shot ideas.

(207) 874-0093


super 81984 Super 8 on Kiln-Dried Maple

I started building various stabilizers at the end of High School, having seen an article in the Sci-Fi Fanzine CINEMAGIC .. and I got my Super-8 Bauer C2-M flying in the Mid 1980s with an arm fashioned from Maple Scraps that were in our firewood pile, and a gimbal using the Ball and Socket from a shower-head.

I have been changing out parts and rebuilding it ever since.

rrf, 2012



vampire1993, Arri SR-1 on Aluminum

One of the most enjoyable parts of operating is the mix between the larger physical demand of carrying such a rig, combined with the need to be very subtle and precise and aware of the timing and attitude of your image as you operate a Steadicam shot.