Robert R Fiske, Videography





I have a package of professional Lighting and Grip Gear enough to handle a broad range of Production needs, plus a number of specialized tools for lighting and camera support in more intricate shots and sequences.

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Fly-Jib (AKA 'Bob-Pod')

Takes the weight and allows for active handheld moves with bulky cameras. Easy to go from high overhead to the ground, operate standing on a ladder or Applebox without worry.

Mounts to High-boy or any hefty 2k stand

Developed for Jay Weisman's Shockwave, Darkside, which was shot in 3d in 2010, and had a package that was impossible to handhold at all, much less allow the camera to really get around.


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Speedrail CAR MOUNT Platform

Highly configurable

Hood & Hostess, and then some.

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Medium Jib Arm - 5 foot

Simple, but VERY handy. Makes adjusting shots and changing setups fast and intuitive.


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GreenScreen Lightbars and other visual effects tools.

Mini Grip Arms -Multi-Color Micro LED panels.

32 step Effect-Sequence Board, can trigger chasing or animated lights, coordinate motors and sounds and lights, etc.

Custom Rigs, Imaginative Solutions